Vladimir Estrad

A Zombie Cactus of the Athasian Sands


Vladimir lived the life of a typical cactus, as one could call a “life” for a sentient plant. Having escaped from his creators and being burned like so many of his brethren, Vladimir roamed the deserts for many years. Scrounging for scraps of food where he could catch prey, never quite content with the quantities of food he could find.

Being captured by a band of Dune Marauders in a humiliating fashion by being plowed over by their ship and bound to the lower deck’s walls by chains. The Marauders had planned to sell him in Tyr to a life as a spectacle in the gladiator arena. Something he didn’t like one bit. The Marauders were taking their time with the sell though, as Vladimir had been on the ship for months, being kept alive by the corpses the Marauders needed to dispose of on their travels.


Vladimir Estrad

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