Stazo Rerredara

Arcane Weapons Engineer


Stazo was born in Balic where he lived for a sizable length of his life as a weapon crafter’s apprentice. A decent life under the rule of a Sorcerer-King, but he was always yearning for something more.

After witnessing, firsthand, the power of arcane magic during a staged uprising attack on Andropinis’ library by the Veiled Alliance, he decided he needed to be a part of their network.

The cell in Balic was very well concealed, resulting in months of time spent looking for a reasonably senior member he could talk to. After assisting small strike groups on strategical raids for a few missions, he was permitted to study Arcane Magic under the guide of the Veiled Alliance.

Stazo then spent seventeen years learning the ways of Arcane Magic and applying it to his skills as a weapons crafter. He was capable of creating bizarre and powerful items. Orbs and wands that could vanish from sight with a deft hand movement. Knives that contained small reservoirs of potent arcane imbued venom, the list went on. Every weapon he had ever produced abides by the sole principle of the Alliance “No defiling Magic”.

A lapse in judgment by an underling led to the Templars of Balic rooting out a section of the Veiled Alliance in Balic. Stazo and the remaining survivors were able to gather up whatever supplies they could muster and fled the City.

The refugees found a home in Altaruk while the heat died down in Balic. Months later, the refugees sought to return home, but Stazo had found a reason to stay: An Elven Woman by the name of Cerlia Meridaci.

The two married the following year. They have been married for 10 years while caring for their Half-Elf Daughter, Kayleth.

After a damaging incident involving one of his own weapons, Stazo has been barred from manufacturing Arcane weapons, instead returning to forging common ones.

Stazo Rerredara

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