Osirus Zensifer

A member of a long since extinct race, bound to a city no one knows about


Osirus has been on Athas since a time he refers to as “Before the Wars.” An avid practitioner of the Arcane Arts, he was once enrolled at a mage’s academy known as “The Eyes of Eternity” under the tutelage of an individual he calls “The Headmaster”, who was said to be alive during the birth of magic itself.

The well preserved ruins of the academy’s building form what is now Osirus’ current home. With a tribe of Belgoi living above the city ruins that believe him to be some type of god.

During his lengthy discussion with the party, Osirus revealed that, while he had been alive for millenia, he hasn’t seen the surface with his own eyes since everyone else left the city. He said that even members of his race, while capable of living through multiple lifetimes, were dependent on a very important cycle that was shattered when the world was destroyed. Not even the Headmaster himself knew what had happened.

Osirus, not wanting to leave a destroyed world and a legacy of dead mages to vanish in the tides of time, spent years deciphering a complex ritual to bind his soul to the underground city. With the only condition to the ritual being that he is incapable of leaving the city without perishing.

He has spent his life looking over the notes and documents kept by The Headmaster in an attempt to record what may have destroyed the world.

Having a chance to share his findings with people from the surface, he told the party that the downfall of the world may have been linked to three powerful items that The Headmaster had been keeping track of:
-The Crown Of Dust: Recorded as being split into four parts parts, with the Blood Jewel separated from the rest of the piece.
-The Dark Oracle: A lens of unknown powers that was mentioned twice in The Headmaster’s notes before disappearing from mention again.
-The Ravager of Giants: A self descriptive blade that caused the near genocide of the Giants of Athas.

Osirus Zensifer

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