Cerilia Rerredara

Elven Alchemist


Cerilia was born in Altaruk. Her parents were both members of the Veiled Alliance, so she’s been around Arcane Magic her whole life.

She learned Arcane Spellcasting for defense from her father, who was a Warmage. She learned her trade craft of Alchemy from her mother.

She works as a medicine brewer to the public of Altaruk, and ,occasionally, a poison brewer for the Alliance when need be.

When she was 29, she met Stazo a few weeks after he had arrived as a refugee from Balic.

Currently, she is upset that Stazo’s ambitions cost him his job and a lot of damage to the city. No lives were lost, something for which she was thankful, and is even more thankful to have her daughter, Kayleth back.


Cerilia Rerredara

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