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Athas. A post apocalyptic wasteland of sand, ash, silt, and commonplace savagery. A land where day to day survival is a testament to one’s own power. A land where telepathic cacti roam the wastelands in search of their next meal. A land where the only safety from the savage beasts of the sands rest within the city-states of the Tyr region, each one overseen and dictatorially ruled by either a Sorcerer-King, or a Sorcerer-Queen and their loyal templars.

Tyr, The Ancient City is overseen by the Sorcerer-King Kalak.
Balic, the City of Sails is overseen by the allegedly elected Socerer-King Andropinis.
Draj, the City of the Moons is ruled by the mad Sorcerer-King, Tectuktitlay.
Gulg, the Forest City has the Sorcerer-Queen Lalali-Puy, at its throne.
Nibenay, the City of Spires is “ruled” by the Sorcerer-King Nibenay, also known as “The Shadow King.”
Raam, the City of Unrest is disinterestedly ruled by the Sorcerer-Queen Ablach-Re.
Urik, the City of Lions, is a military-state with the Sorcerer-King Hamanu as its head general.
Giustenal, the Ruined City was once ruled by the Sorcerer-King Dregoth.

Dregoth was a particular case among the ruling defilers that oversaw the other city-states. Coveting an alleged godhood over himself, he remade his form into that of a Dragon, and shaped his people as such; giving birth to the Dragonborn, or Dray, race of people in Athas. Dregoth was said to possess a very unique sword of his own design. It has been said through multiple texts that the sword was capable of collecting and storing unfathomable amounts of raw, arcane power.

Dregoth was killed twice in a power coup carried out by the Sorcerer-Kings and Queens. The first time he was killed, he returned as an undead Lich and began plotting a supposed revenge scheme and was killed once again in an arcane duel against the Sorcerer-Kings and Queens. The second time around, however, Dregoth and his high priest had their souls bound to his sword which now sits at the center of Giustenal’s ruins, guarded by powerful magics. The Sorcerer-Kings and Queens tore the ritual book they used to seal the blade apart and scattered the pages in ruins sites that they could return to should Dregoth ever escape again. Or so it is sung by the minstrels under their employ.

The Sorcerer-Kings and Queens state that they killed Dregoth out of a fear of his rising power that would have enslaved the entire Tyr region under Dregoth’s empire. A single document recovered from the ruins of Giustenal by the Veiled Alliance suggest that an alternative motive was involved, but they have no way of proving as much.

Centuries have passed since that time, and now Kalak, Sorcerer-King of Tyr is plotting a scheme to take Dregoth’s sword for his own devices, and has posted calling fliers out to such ends. Kalak has been messengers to spread word around the Tyr region. Several adventuring parties have been sent out, hoping to reap the reward of “Eternal Opulence for the victors and their descendants”, but have perished along the way, attempting to reach the sword’s resting place. This leaves Kalak wondering who will be able to fulfill the task of retrieving Dregoth’s sword. Perhaps some ragtag group of misfits what will rise up to the challenges in a world they didn’t make? Who knows, but it may end up being wishful thinking on Kalak’s part.

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Legends in the Sand: The Sword of Dregoth

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